Recognizing that traditional concept testing approaches are losing relevance with businesses and consumers, Ipsos Marketing has spent the past 12 months engaged in a global R&D initiative to propel concept testing into the digital age, the results of which we are excited to share. New technology has transformed the consumer, and now it is having the same impact on Ipsos’ approach to concept testing.

During this recently recorded webinar, we share findings from this R&D, and demonstrate how that R&D was used to shape our concept testing system so that it now:

  • Leverages our New Swipe Stimulus: Ipsos’ new swipe technology reimagines the traditional concept board for today’s digital environment, holding consumer attention better than the traditional approach.
  • Provides Device Neutrality: Comparable results are now generated, whether a survey is completed on a PC, smartphone or tablet.
  • Improves Consumer Reach: Surveys that work on any device allow for reaching more consumers worldwide than does conducting research on PCs alone, including hard-to-reach groups like Millennials.
  • Integrates the Key Measures that Matter Most: These include profiling each innovation to understand portfolio impact; evaluating the concept vs. in-market competition to measure trial potential; assessing the incrementality of the innovation to your business; and refining the concept via an improved Concept Evaluator clickable words approach.
Speaker:                Brad Bane
Recorded Date: Thursday, February 24, 2015
Duration:               45 minutes

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