Are Mergers and Acquisitions the Death of Innovation in CPG?

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The Era of M&As How often have you caught yourself wondering: “Who will be acquired next by this company?” or “Which conglomerate will now acquire this new venture?” If your answer is “very often, of late,” I am with you. Reflecting on the last decade, we have probably seen mergers […]

I’m One of Them: Speaking As a Millennial


I suppose I’d be considered a text book example. I’m into yoga – more for the exercise than the spirituality. I love Kombucha for its health claims and the fact that it’s the closest thing to drinking vinegar that is socially acceptable. I care about the quality of and ingredients […]

Your Innovation Is Awesome! Too bad no one will find it online…


You’ve just launched an incredible innovation in salty snacks. It has all the benefits of popcorn, but can be eaten like a chip. It tastes great, and is reasonably healthy. This product looks poised to disrupt the chip aisle, and make millions. But it won’t, because no one will find […]