At Ipsos Marketing, we’re committed to bringing our clients unparalleled expertise in the brand, innovation, product and shopper space via custom design and analytics. We are the #1 world’s largest product testing partner and have 12,334 new products successfully launched under Ipsos Marketing.

Our four areas of expertise are:



Helping our clients maximize the ROI of their innovation process from the earliest stages to launch across all sectors (Vantis and CPG). Includes Insight Accelerator, Idea Development, Idea Testing, Concept Development, Concept Testing, Concept Optimization, CPT, Line Optimization, Designor, Post-Launch Tracking, Pricing.





Helping our clients identify, prioritize and activate brand growth opportunities. Includes: Market Structure, A&U, Segmentation, Strategic Brand Positioning, Portfolio Management, Driver Analysis, Brand Stretch, Brand Health Deep Dives.



Helping our clients develop winning products for the market. Includes early & late stage product testing, Category Appraisals, Guidance testing, Optimization Modeling, Confirmatory Research, Concept/Product Fit, Benchmarking, Quality Improvement / Cost Savings Research, and Pack Testing

shopper-retailShopper and Retail / Path to Purchase:

Helping our clients win at point-of-purchase. Includes Shopper Connection to understand path to purchase, Retail Peceptor, Adjacencies, Purchase Decision Trees, POS and In-Store Activation Testing, Assortment Testing, Price/Promotion Optimization.

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