When it comes to product testing with consumers, we believe in the power of video and image uploads to garner authentic, in the moment engagement, and open a window into sub-conscious behavior (‘show me’ don’t ‘tell me’).

With that comes the need to store, organize and classify increasingly large (and previously unmanageable) volumes of unstructured visual and audio data in ways that make sense within your organization. You also need to make that data mineable so that you can extract more value from it and derive insight that can’t be reached by traditional means.

At Ipsos, we’re partnering with Big Sofa — one of the world’s newest disruptive, insight-led technology companies — to do just that. View this recorded webinar to learn more about opportunities for enabling better collaboration and conversations in organizations by connecting more people to consumers’ lives.

Ipsos’ latest webinar touches on the valuable insights in image & video analysis. View the recorded webinar here.