Watch this webinar to hear case studies and methods for engaging hard to reach targets, obtaining a holistic understanding of product performance and methods for interacting with consumers in real-time.

As the world’s largest product testing advisor, Ipsos tests 7,000+ products for our clients each year, covering numerous product categories in over 80 markets around the world.

With online communities, we provide a dynamic, multi-media approach for executing product tests, helping to enhance richness, contextual, organic insights and participation rates with a turn-key and cost-effective online platform. See it in action for yourself:

  • Rich Organic Response: Communities allow for rich, visual stories via interactive, multimedia features such as webcam discussions, video focus groups, collage and marker board tools.
  • Holistic Benefits for Product Testing: They provide opportunities for holistic consumer understanding by pairing foundational learning with the results of product tests and other community feedback.
  • Increasing Member Engagement: Building relationships via on-going engagement results in higher participation rates, especially with hard to reach targets.

Listen to the full webinar here.