Fully admitting that I’ve never actually seen the musical after which this article is titled, and being unsure whether it’s full of R-rated material inappropriate for this PG-13 rated blog, I thought it was the perfect springboard to talk about a change you might have noticed on the InnovationPOV blog, in our other social media outlets, and that you might be seeing from your Ipsos InnoQuest and Ipsos MarketQuest account teams – the move to the unified “Ipsos Marketing” brand and client service teams.

Reinvent Yourself

There was a great comment in a recent Crain’s Chicago Business article from Michael Bashaw, president of Whole Foods’ Midwest region:  “In any business, you constantly need to reinvent yourself.  People would get bored if we do the same thing year after year. That’s what’s driving this, and I don’t expect it to stop.”

To which I reply “Ditto.”Textbook

Much as Ipsos did previously, when we combined Ipsos Vantis and Ipsos InnoQuest into a unified whole, we are doing the same thing in combining Ipsos InnoQuest and Ipsos MarketQuest.  As a lot of the content on this blog has clearly shown (and really, if a blog isn’t a metaphor for life, I don’t know what is), the distinction between brand building and innovation has never seemed more artificial.  Strong brands beget innovation, and innovation begets strong brands.  At least that’s how they said it in the King James Version of the marketing textbook.

The Easy Button

So, I guess the logical question is what does this mean for clients of the InnoQuest and MarketQuest specializations in general, and for readers of the blog and our followers on social media in particular?

  • Your life should get easier!  The commitment from Ipsos Marketing is that we will bring you more integrated business knowledge and research approaches, with a unified client service team and access to people with the specific expertise you need.
  • The social media content you have to draw upon should become even more diverse, as we seek to tackle new business topics in interesting, irreverent ways.

We’re still a team of specialists (none of us got any dumber with this change, at least that I’m aware of) with a strong focus in the areas of innovation, product testing, market understanding, and shopper research.  We each still typically focus on a key sector or two, to be able to better overlay our research expertise onto our clients’ business issues.  But now we are integrated, meaning rather than transferring clients back and forth depending on the increasingly blurry distinction between brand building and innovation, we are now providing a single client service team to maximize our knowledge of your business and then drawing upon specialists from outside the team as needed to maximize our value to you and minimize the effort you have to exert.

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I Love You, Tomorrow

Hey, two references to musicals in one article.  My daughter would be incredibly proud.

So let me bring this rare bout of navel-gazing to a close by saying this.  No one wants to go to purchase a new mobile phone and have to talk to one person about the device, another about the software, and still a third about accessories.  We want our lives to be as simple as possible, but not simpler (to quote Albert Einstein), and that’s what Ipsos Marketing seeks to deliver to you with this change.

So go build strong brands.  Go innovate.  Go diversify – whether your product offering or the channels through which they are available.

Ipsos Marketing will be right there with you, helping you connect what’s now with what’s next.

Ipsos Marketing

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