The Health Insurance Exchange Will Impact Your Business, Do You Know How?

The Health Insurance Exchange Will Impact Your Business, Do You Know How?

No matter how the Supreme Court rules next month, the world of managed care is rapidly changing. Some states have already set up the exchanges mandated by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). Some have put their exchange plans on pause until the ruling.

Join us for a complimentary webinar during which Tammi Taylor, SVP and sector leader of Ipsos InnoQuest Healthcare, will explore the impact the exchanges could have on your business. Understanding the uninsured and under insured population is key to knowing the competitive environment. All providers of health insurance and health plans will want to join this informative discussion to hear more:

  • In this new world, insurance providers will need to lay a strong foundation using “war gaming” tools that you can own and that will grow with you as the market evolves. Tools that are validated, rooted in decades of experience, yet tailored for you to navigate this new world.
  • Once the uninsured become newly insured what, will be the impact on consumption of medical products, devices, pharmaceuticals and medical services?
  • The Health Insurance Exchange will continue to alter the competitive landscape. The time to plan and prepare for the next wave of change is now. Payers must develop a better understanding of what their customers need and the capabilities to serve these new needs.
  • In the context of the Health Insurance Exchange, you probably know who you want to attract to your business. Now, you need to understand how to design and price products that will allow you to be profitable for all types of customers.

Space is limited, so register today!

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– Tammi Taylor, SVP and Sector Lead, Ipsos InnoQuest Healthcare



Written by Tammi

Tammi focuses on providing innovation solutions to the top medical device and health care brands, delivering researcher that helps define which products and services they should bring to market and how successful they will become. Email Tammi

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