Ipsos delivers deep expertise and best-in-class solutions in these major areas of research specialization:


Ipsos Connect specialises in measuring and amplifying how media, brands and people connect through compelling content, great communication and relevant media planning so that clients can build great campaigns, that impact brand success both through sales and boosting brand relationships, and great content to attract audiences and deliver economic value for media owners and advertisers alike. Our solutions put people at the heart of strategy for media and advertisers. Learn more here.


ipsosmarketingIpsos Marketing specializes in addressing issues related to innovation, market understanding and path to purchase. Ipsos Marketing helps clients to define their marketing strategy, identify new opportunities, understand buying behavior, develop brands, services and products and optimize the allocation of their marketing expenditures. Learn more here.


ipsosloyaltyIpsos Loyalty specialises in all matters relating to measuring, modelling and enhancing customer relationships and employee engagement. Ipsos Loyalty helps our clients face the huge challenge of managing the customer experience and optimising this to maximise customer value. Learn more here.


ipsospublicaffairsIpsos Public Affairs specialises in conducting public opinion, elite stakeholder, corporate, and media opinion research to help clients manage an issue, or advance their reputation. Learn more here.



Ipsos Observer specialises in leading the market in information0-gathering, through a commitment to providing high-quality research at a competitive price, in a format which allows our clients to make decisions quickly and accurately. To do so we offer two approaches (1) field & delivery and (2) Omnibus solutions. Learn more here.