On the one hand, Samantha thinks of herself as a so-called fitness enthusiast, sporting her Fitbit and Under Armour gear. But at night, she is reaching for high-calorie snacks and butter-drenched popcorn.

At Ipsos, we unleash those raw, deep emotions (HOT) that resonate fully with your consumers and the frameworks that help marketers to make sense of it all (COLD) so that they can create meaningful innovations and inspiring communication. View this recorded webinar during which we illustrate and showcase:

  1. The fundamentals of Hot & Cold thinking — and the science behind it
  2. The ways in which Ipsos applies Hot & Cold thinking to market research
  3. How we synthesize both Hot & Cold elements into our deliverables to provide transformative insights
  4. Several “in action” Hot & Cold scenarios via case studies

View the whole webinar here