Given the huge proliferation of products in recent years, one of the greatest challenges in marketing is figuring out how to relevantly differentiate new introductions – or in other words, how can your innovation best stand out to consumers in the most meaningful way? The best way to uncover this is to develop and test multiple, even radically different positionings around the same core idea to find the one that is “just right.” But standard concept testing can take too long for this level of iteration and speed to market is key.

Enter Concepts Overnight… Concepts Overnight overcomes the problem of time to unfetter your innovation by allowing you to quickly iterate and test multiple positionings, providing extremely deep language diagnostics (including benchmarks for concept elements such as insights, benefits and reasons to believe) as well as industry standard KPIs to identify and truly optimize your concept prior to final qualification.

View this recorded webinar to discover what’s next in concept testing.

Speaker:                Paul Crowe
Recorded Date: Thursday, May 28, 2015
Duration:               15 minutes

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