Are Mergers and Acquisitions the Death of Innovation in CPG?

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The Era of M&As How often have you caught yourself wondering: “Who will be acquired next by this company?” or “Which conglomerate will now acquire this new venture?” If your answer is “very often, of late,” I am with you. Reflecting on the last decade, we have probably seen mergers […]

When It Comes to Buying Power, Does Age Matter?

It’s official! Millennials are now the largest generation in the workforce, overtaking both Boomers and Gen-Xers over the past year or so. The potential for marketplace dominance in consumer purchasing power for Millennials is staggering. Most corporations have been preparing and positioning themselves for this eventuality, directing resources and decision […]

Clean It Up? Clean Labels Pose New Challenges For Manufacturers

Competition for the consumer continues to increase among food manufacturers. One path to competitive advantage is clean labels, which addresses the consumer demand for transparency in ingredient lists. The idea of creating products that have fewer ingredients and/or more natural ingredients is something that I can’t help but think is […]