On Concept Writing: Does Your Concept Reflect Reality?

In a previous article, I wrote about the importance of concept length and provided some data-based guidelines. Concepts are really a proxy for later advertising, and the recommended 120-130 word range is reflective of a 30-second TV advertisement. Sounds good. But for various reasons, the trend has been for more […]

On Concept Writing: Go Back Where You Started – The Importance of a Good Idea

While this series has focused on the elements of good concept writing and how that can help improve your concepts’ scores, it is very important to remember that the vast majority of variance in consumer response to concepts is driven by the quality of the underlying idea.  All right, maybe […]

On Concept Writing: I’m A Believer – RTBs and Their Many Manifestations

Reasons to Believe (RTBs) serve a special function in concept writing. Their primary purpose, of course, is to give credibility to the promise of the benefit – convincing the consumer how/why your new product can deliver the goods. If very unique, RTBs can even become a distinctive element your advertising. […]

On Concept Writing: Your Insight Statements Suck!

Okay, your insight statements are probably just fine.  But in some research I’ve recently been doing, I have been literally stunned to find, across the CPG industry (including many top-notch manufacturers), a very low quality of insight statements. This isn’t just my qualitative judgment: this is hard-core quantitative evidence from […]