Creating a new concept often means making a lot of choices. Sometimes you might have a short list of strong benefits, flavors, insights, or other concept elements and want to create an optimized concept — letting consumers tell you which combinations yield the strongest innovations.

Of course, a number of established choice-based approaches exist for creating winning combinations. But then you typically still have to validate the winning combination(s) with a concept test — taking additional time and money. Wouldn’t it be great if you could do it all in one study? Now you can!

Join Ipsos’ U.S. Innovation Lead, Paul Crowe, Ph.D., as he demonstrates InnoConstruct, a new concept building tool that not only optimizes concepts, but also provides trial estimates and even forecasts in the same study. Powered by Designor, Ipsos’ globally validated forecasting approach, InnoConstruct allows you to find the best out of thousands of combinations and understand how those combinations impact consumer trial, enabling you to either optimize or make tradeoffs to increase financial impact.

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