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Introducing: Product Intelligence

Featuring an interview with Virginia Weil, Global President of Ipsos Product & Pack Testing. As we all know, the internet has disrupted almost every industry. Every day new technologies are released, changing the way people live their lives. One behavior that has seen a considerable shift is the behavior of
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Ipsos Helping Companies like IBM Understand the Importance of Belonging

Does Brand Belonging Really Matter? We think so. In a digital world with so many “friends” and “fans” people are surprisingly feeling more isolated than ever. To get to the bottom of this, Ipsos conducted a study on behalf of IBM to find out what customers really want from a
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How Text Analytics Can Reveal More Insights from Crowdsourced Ideas

In the era of Big Data, it is easier than ever for companies to interact with their customers and access their opinions over the internet. To capitalize on this, companies have created online communities or other platforms to hear feedback and/or recommendations from their most loyal consumers. Some, have even
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Google’s ‘ZMOT’ and How the Smartphone Has Disrupted Traditional Path-to-Purchase

The smartphone has dramatically changed the way people shop. Consumers have information machines in their pockets that can do more than ever. Smartphones give consumers the ability to: access abundant information at any time, communicate directly with brands (via social), and even make purchases right from their devices. Because of
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Get Your Head in the Game: Why Sports Organizations Need Fan Insights

As we enter November, I prepare for my favorite time of the year: college football season. I grew up in Columbus, Ohio in the heart of Ohio State Buckeye country and went to college at fellow Big Ten school, Northwestern.  In fact, for most of my undergrad career, I was the president of
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Heating Up the Frozen Aisle: Exciting Lapsed Users With Innovation

Using marketplace tensions to inspire innovation is a powerful way to unlock consumer value. Read the full article for 3-steps to finding & exploiting marketplace tension.
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What’s Your Brand’s Social Category?

Consumers see brands as belonging to categories based on their own perception and life experience. Once consumers pigeonhole a brand, it is hard for the brand to easily change that category perception. For example, Kodak was THE brand name for film photography. It was also the company that invented the
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DUEL: Understanding Appeal and Passion

Traditional approaches to early screening rely on rational, thoughtful feedback using scaled responses. Yet consumers typically form impressions and make decisions within seconds (e.g., FMOT, Blink, System 1, etc.)   To reflect this reality and help you make better decisions, Ipsos is very excited to introduce DUEL – the next
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