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Codifying Digital Assets

With our new asset platform we're able to codify and quantify videos & images for strategic and actionable use. Download the full paper to learn more.
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Webinar: Fall in Love with Online Communities for Product Testing

Watch this webinar to hear case studies for engaging hard to reach targets, obtaining a holistic understanding of product performance and methods for interacting with consumers in real-time.
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#NoMoreBoringSurveys: A Webinar Case Study Illustrating When & How to Gamify Your Research

View our webinar to hear interesting Custom Panel case studies where gamification and other engagement techniques resulted in strategy-driving results.
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Digital Innovation in Banking: Outsource and Let the Tech Pros Take the Reins

Today’s banks are feeling the squeeze from Silicon Valley’s fast-moving Financial Technology pioneers. If you can't beat them - outsource.
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Incremental versus Monumental Decision-Making

In this paper, we use real-life case studies to illustrate how the need for speed and action are significantly impacting marketing and market research.
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Big Appetites Lead to Big Changes

Consumers are paying close to attention to what they eat, driving food manufacturers to improve their nutritional profile. But what does this truly entail?
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Why I Chose Market Research

Our Research Analyst at Ipsos Marketing shares how peanut butter (and a few other factors) lead to working in the evolving space of market research.
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Where’s the Party? Learning from Innovation in the Children’s Birthday Market

Children's birthdays have vastly adapted since Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Through this evolution, we can gather a few key lessons in innovation.
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