Lenny Girik 07/26/2017 0 comments

Sticky Apps and the 5 Golden Rules

In an online world oversaturated with apps, how can one develop an app that doesn’t get used once and end up in the app graveyard. An app that helps the users and the creators. An app that provide real ROI to any business. An app that is sticky. Below is a
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Britt Calvert 07/19/2017 0 comments

Video Analysis and the Future of Total Understanding

MRMW Q&A Britt Calvert, Senior Account Manager, Ipsos Marketing took the time to explain how mobile and video analysis can provide added depth and impact to your research. Q: There has been a lot of buzz about mobile and video. Why are these important and why should researchers care? Britt
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Meade Brewster 07/10/2017 0 comments

Brands Beyond Boundaries. Passion and Personality

As I squeeze my way onto the crowded Track No. 1 train, I can’t help but notice the girl to my left. Dressed from head to toe in Theory, chatting about her latest Soulcycle class and sipping on an iced coffee from Starbucks; or the man cross legged in a
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Hannah Fitton 06/29/2017 0 comments

To Qual or To Quant? That is the Question

  To Qual or To Quant? That is the Question   When winter wind gives way to summer sun, Chicago’s sidewalk cafés and rooftop bars reopen to much celebration. Family, friends, and coworkers meet up for a drink, a snack, or simply to people-watch. I love people-watching around the world
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R Bielski 05/04/2017 0 comments

Feeling Tense? Good, Let’s Innovate!

Using marketplace tensions to inspire innovation is a powerful way to unlock consumer value. Read the full article for 3-steps to finding & exploiting marketplace tension.
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Ipsos 04/25/2017 0 comments

Building Distinctive Brand Assets: A Webinar Featuring Four Measures That Matter

View this recorded webinar to hear Ipsos’ Dave Gryga demonstrate how you can gain a deeper understanding of the level of distinctiveness for your brands, highlighting strengths to leverage and opportunities to further drive distinctiveness.
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Ashley Ericksen 04/18/2017 0 comments

Socializing your Approach to Product Development & Testing

Product development & testing should be a “living and breathing” process that mimics the ways in which consumers engage with products & each other – here is how online communities can provide that.
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Aimee Hechler 04/13/2017 0 comments

Unleashed Pet-ential: The Future of Innovation in the Pet Market

Pets have taken on an increasingly large presence in millennial households. How will innovations for pets and their owners evolve in the millennial landscape?
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