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Socializing your Approach to Product Development & Testing

Product development & testing should be a “living and breathing” process that mimics the ways in which consumers engage with products & each other – here is how online communities can provide that.
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Unleashed Pet-ential: The Future of Innovation in the Pet Market

Pets have taken on an increasingly large presence in millennial households. How will innovations for pets and their owners evolve in the millennial landscape?
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Power Up Your Data by Bridging Language in Social Media

Despite growing cynicism of survey research and its ability to give accurate information, this paper provides evidence that what people report from surveys can be accurate.
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Is There a Target Market for Electric Vehicles?

Who is the target consumer for Electric Vehicles? What are the levels of acceptance and adoption? Ipsos wanted to know so we went under the hood to find out (actually, we plugged in)!
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What Can Social Media Tell Us About the Future of the Auto Industry?

Social media data can be a powerful lens for examining larger industry trends. What can we learn about the future of the auto industry from social analysis?
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Building Brand Distinctiveness: A Webinar Featuring Four Measures That Matter

Join Ipsos’ Dave Gryga as he demonstrates how you can gain a deeper understanding of the level of distinctiveness for your brands.
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Create, Qualify & Forecast in Just 1 Step: A Webinar About Accelerating Your Innovation Process

View this recorded webinar to hear Ipsos’ U.S. Innovation Lead, Paul Crowe, Ph.D., demonstrate InnoConstruct, a new concept building tool that not only optimizes concepts, but also provides trial estimates and even forecasts in the same study.
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MRMW – Understanding Real-life Competitive Product Performance Via Mobile Diary & Video Analytics

Join Ipsos’ Jennifer Irvine who will be co-presenting Understanding Real-life Competitive Product Performance Via Mobile Diary & Video Analytics with her client, Siobhan Moore of Unilever.
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